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June 27,2018

We  attended our local Holistic fair in Springfield, Illinois a couple weeks ago and had a great time vending drums,reading runes,Tarot ,and performing with drums and dance. We reconnected with many old friends we don't see too often, and made  several new ones,and I saw that people are beginning to remember us from other events and look forward to seeing our booth again, which is awesome and inspiring! we want to be those sort of folks that people enjoy interacting with and look toward meeting again! To hear that a suggestion was helpful, or a drum has brought great spiritual experiences is a wonderful verification of our path and and the things we're hoping to accomplish- being useful to others along the way is an amazing bonus!  Those connections continue to support and strengthen Wyrd threads  far beyond our abitlity to see and yet are enhancing our lives at the same time and bringing energy vibrations 

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March 2, 2018

Published by Heidi Johnston · 1 hr ·

Threads-I've been thinking a lot about threads lately- it's an important concept in Heathenry- not just the actual craft of making them but the karmic spinners of humans fate and luck and oorlog- the Norns who create the web of Wyrd and the endless connections that bind the Universe together- from a single strand of DNA to the tendons, ligaments and muscle fibers in a living body, the branches on a family tree and the network of migratory paths our ancestors took to spread across the world. Each breath of each life leaves a permanent mark upon creation, continually feeding the matrix of energy that moves the design forward and outward through time and space.

I deal a lot with thread, in fact it seems to be one of my special magic abilities, untying knots and finding loose ends, keeping rickety apparatuses together, LOL- I spin the fibers of wool together with a miniature Irmunsil ( the World Axis) in the same clockwise ( sunwise) motion that revolves the heavenly spheres around our star-everything is a reflection of everything else- greater or smaller versions of the same cosmic spiral dance, and the threads of energy tie it all together and keep it from flying apart. What then, is the point? The end result of all this expansion- out and out into the great unknown? We have learned to look within- to the tiniest atom of our existence- to know our origins- our weakness and strengths- then we look outward- as far as we can see to what lies ahead, and slowly, by the most minute increments, we move. We take our new knowledge and we advance with it as though working our way through a labyrinth- sometimes there's a dead end, sometimes a switchback or wrong turn, but eventually,( if we follow the threads) we gain a small victory, a footstep in time and memory, and we grow too.

Our lessons, like children, are balance, caution and steady progress, if we run too fast- we fall- I liken it to crochet- you have to keep counting the stitches- the most stable way forward is together.

Should we each take time to work on our own private projects? Absoloutly- that's the spinning of the inner thread- but a beautiful tapestry cannot be achieved with just one string- you need many for a strong ,colorful fabric- and the more you have the bigger piece of cloth you get- the more cloth you have- the more people you can keep warm.

A couple of weeks ago I taught a class on string magic at Paganicon- an amazing Pagan convention in Minneapolis- only in its 8th year- the gathering has already outgrown its space and has boasted some of the most prominent authors, artists and elders in the Pagan realms, hosting over 750 guests for 3 days of workshops, rituals and panels showcasing many traditions and pantheons, and honoring the Spring Equinox. The art show, masquerade ball and vendors make available to the public many experiences which might otherwise never be accessible,and afford solitary practitioners the chance to make those personal connections with others of like mind and path- even international visitors made the trip to meet friends they've only known via computer. Many of our friends presented their first classes to large crowds of strangers and were well received- hopefully boosting confidence for future endeavors, providing lessons on practical matters and group dynamics, and sparking new ideas for our own seasonal celebrations, spinning new strands of inspiration for us and others.

Dragonhill's booth displayed drums, costumes and spinning supplies, and as always was a center for conversation with friends both old and new. Sometimes it was overwhelming- with several people asking questions, trying drums and making purchases all at once! But the option is sure death- silence and stagnation within ones own mind ( and opinion) never making those contacts and connections that help us move outward like neurons firing in a network of nerves- without which motion stops and we withdraw within ourselves, pulling our thread away from the rest and weakening the weave of the world. Everyone has something useful to share- at a large festival you'll find both shy newbies and experienced" experts" - yes you'll have to listen and weed out those things that don't work for you- just like reading a book and only finding a single thread that leads you on to something else- but that's ok- you may have disappointments- I still do- but maybe a thought you share with someone else will lead them farther down their path. I see too many people keeping their work " secret"- and I understand the need for caution in today's society about many personal things- but when you are among your own people - be fearless- so they will gain confidence from yours- and cast out your thread- strengthening the overall weave of Wyrd- and offer a string to help others find their way home!

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